Buy a Raffle Ticket and Win the Opportunity to Conduct Salem Band!

If you hold the winning ticket, you get to choose one of these two prizes.

  1. $200.00 in cash or
  1. $100.00 in cash with the opportunity to conduct, or to name another person to conduct Salem Band at the July 30th, 2019 concert.

Where to Buy Tickets

  1. Purchase your ticket(s) for $10 each at a Salem Band summer concert (concert schedule) through Thursday, July 4, 2019.
  1. Purchase your ticket(s) for $10 each at the Salem Band office (500 South Church Street, Winston Salem, NC 27101) during regular business hours: Monday–Friday, 9:00 am–5:00 pm. Call and ask for Sheila before arriving to be sure someone will be available to assist you — (336) 722-8126.
See contest rules below.
raffle tickets

2019 Salem Band Raffle Contest Rules

  1. The raffle shall be conducted pursuant to the North Carolina Charitable Gaming Law starting with the sale of tickets that have a number printed on them and a matching stub which also has lines for the purchaser to enter his or her name, phone number, and email address. The ticket stub information is necessary because it will be used to notify the winner of the raffle and to add participant names to the Salem Band email contact list. No personal or contact information will be sold to third parties. We value your privacy.
  1. The raffle shall have only one prize which shall allow the winner to choose either (1) $200.00 in cash or (2) $100.00 in cash with the opportunity to conduct, or to name another person to conduct, one musical piece selected by Eileen Young, Director of Salem Band, at one of Salem Band’s 2019 Concert programs.
  1. Entering the raffle shall be accomplished by purchasing a ticket, filling out the ticket stub with the above identification information and leaving the stub with the seller. Failure to provide readable identification information or failure to timely respond to contact attempts will disqualify said entry from the raffle and from receiving any prize.
  1. The drawing shall take place at 7:30 P.M., on Tuesday, July 09, 2019 to establish a winner; a 1st Alternate; and a 2nd Alternate. At that time all of the raffle ticket stubs which have been sold will be placed in a large container. A person, who has not entered the raffle, will stir or mix the stubs and, with eyes closed or covered, reach into the container and remove one ticket stub. This person, if not Eileen Young, shall then hand the ticket to Eileen Young, who shall mark the drawing status on the ticket. This procedure will be repeated for selecting the 1st and 2nd Alternate. The Director shall on or before Noon, Wednesday, July 10, 2019 use the email and phone information on the winning ticket stub to contact and inform the winner how to claim the prize or how to contact the Director in order to claim the prize. The Director shall note on the stub the time and date of the first attempted contact.
  1. The winner must both contact the Director and declare their choice of prize on or before Noon, Monday, July 15, 2019 and failing to do so, the winning raffle ticket shall have the status of a disqualified ticket and the 1st Alternate ticket holder shall be contacted, who must respond and declare on or before Noon, July 18, 2019, and failing to do so, the 2nd Alternate shall be contacted, who must respond on or before, Noon, July 22, 2019, and failing to do so, the prize money shall be forfeited and remain the property of Salem Band. The term “winner” means the person whose ticket was drawn and who contacts the Director in a timely manner and declares, in accordance with the above procedure, whether previously denominated winner or Alternate.
  1. The opportunity to conduct at a concert shall take place at the scheduled July 30, 2019 concert or the rain date for said concert Friday, August 2, 2019. In the event these concerts cannot be held due to weather or other unforeseeable circumstances, the winner shall be awarded the opportunity to conduct at a future Salem Band concert.
  1. If the winner claims the $200.00 cash prize, he or she will arrange a mutually convenient time with the Director to receive the prize.
  1. If the winner claims the $100.00 cash prize plus opportunity to conduct, that person (and any selected conductor) shall be obligated to attend Salem Band dress rehearsal on Tuesday, July 23, 2019, 7:00 pm, and any subsequent practice date, in Salem Band rehearsal room in Old Salem, Winston-Salem, NC to rehearse the selection with Salem Band, at which time the winner may collect the cash prize from the Director. The person who wishes to conduct at the concert is obligated to cooperate with the Director in all respects with regard to all matters necessary, such as attending practice sessions and concert dates and properly conducting the Band. The Director of Salem Band retains in her sole discretion the actual granting of the privilege to conduct at a concert and may for any reason whatsoever, and without advance warning or cause, withhold the privilege in which event the winner will be awarded the $200.00 cash prize in lieu of the $100.00 cash prize plus opportunity to conduct.
  1. The winner is solely responsible for reporting and paying any prize fees and/or taxes.
  1. The winner agrees to the use of his or her name for publicity purposes without any compensation.
  1. Salem Band reserves the right to amend, alter or withdraw and terminate this raffle at any time and for any reason with no recourse for any ticket purchaser. If the raffle is cancelled, the sole remedy of the ticket purchaser is a refund of the ticket price upon returning the purchased ticket to Salem Band on or before December 31, 2019.
  1. The Director, board members, officers, and band members of Salem Band are allowed to participate in this raffle and claim the $200 cash prize or the $100 cash prize plus gift the opportunity to conduct to someone else.

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